the startup guide

Taking your brand from concept to completion. 

Having worked with so many start-ups and bringing our own personal side-project to life (see Ocho & Oak), we’ve done the hard yards and the research to be able to confidently guide you through each stage of your business venture. From deciding what website platform is right for your business, what kind of packaging and stationary is worth investing in, to even what kind of postal service you should sign up to, our goal is to help you seamlessly bring your business to life by prioritising in a smart and efficient way. 

Our mentality is always ‘if it were my own business, what would I do?’ which really does make all the difference. Being able to prioritise where you should and shouldn’t put your money makes all the difference in ensuring your brand becomes successful.



Let’s get started.

Download our start-up briefing template, fill it out and send it back to us for a quote and timeline. Don't have a solidified brief yet? Not a problem - contact us through our contact form here to start the conversation and we can help you conceptualise your big idea.